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Mojácar Long Term Rentals

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What constitutes a Long Term Rental?

A long term rental is for a minimum period of six months.  Some owners may consider a shorter rental period outside of the holiday season but the price will not usually be the same as for a longer let.


Does Mojácar Long Term Rentals charge a fee for finding me a suitable property to rent?

No, there is no charge to tenants or prospective tenants for finding a rental property.


Rent or Buy, which is the better option?

We are not financial experts, but in our opinion, there has never been a better time to rent in Spain.  Read more here (link opens a new page)


We don’t know the area very well, can you help?

Yes, we are very happy to show you around the different parts of our area to give you a good idea of where is best for you to live.  Remember that it is our best interest for you to be comfortable and settled in as soon as possible.


We don’t speak Spanish, how will we manage?

Don’t worry.  We have lived here for many years now and we have built up a network of people who we know and trust that can help you with any aspect of life here, from visiting the doctors to finding the best beaches or restaurants.  Also the local authority provides free Spanish lessons to beginners for people of all nationalities living here.


What do I pay apart from the rent?

Apart from the rent you will pay for your water, electric, gas, internet and telephone (if installed).  Also you usually have to pay for the rubbish collection (Basura) which is currently around 36 Euros every three months for a town property, rural properties are sometimes less.  We use communal bins here rather than a bin for each household and the charge is levied on equally on every household.


Would I be liable for the council tax?

No the council tax (IBI) is the responsibility of the property owner.


Will Spanish rental properties have English TV?

Not necessarily, some of our rental properties listed have some UK freeview channels and some have UK TV via the internet. (please see individual property details).


Will there be an internet connection?

Not usually, unless stated in the property details, but there are a number of options, depending on the exact location so you could have your own connection installed quite quickly. 


What do I need to do to rent a property?

To move things forward, firstly we need to arrange for you to physically view the property.  If you still think it is right for you then you would reserve it with a deposit of one month’s rent.  Then when the moving in dates and length of contract are agreed you will need to supply a copy of your passport and / or your Spanish residents permit or NIE if you have one.  We will also need proof of your current address, a rental contract or utility bill from within the last three months would be fine.  We will then draw up the rental contract.  On the moving in date, or shortly before by agreement, you will sign the contract and pay the first month’s rent and then you get the keys.


What will happen to my deposit at the end of the contract?

At the end of the contract the deposit will be returned in full on receipt of the keys, provided that you have upheld all your obligations under the rental contract including the payment of all relevant utility bills and leaving the property as you found it,


What types of different contracts are there?

There are two types of rental contract.  The most common is a temporary contract which is typically for a fixed term of six or twelve months.  If you want to stay on longer there is also a  three year contract which automatically renews each year for up to three years.


How much will my utility bills be?

Well, that depends on your own usage and the type, size and age of the property.  These services are all metered but usually cost a lot less than in the UK.  In most cases we can give you a good estimate of the running costs for any particular property based on our historical data.  You will not be asked to pay any utility bill without seeing the invoice.


What are community charges and am I liable for them?

The community charges are the charges made by the community of owners for the upkeep of all the communal parts of the development.  These charges are the responsibility of the property owner and are not passed on to tenants.


Are my personal effects covered by the owner's insurance?

Not usually.  For your own peace of mind you should have your own personal effects insured separately.


Are pets allowed?

Usually small dogs are no problem although some owners prefer not to allow pets.  Larger dogs and cats are sometimes harder, but not impossible, to accommodate.  Also most communities have special rules relating to pets which will need to be adhered to.


Will I need to supply my own bedding and towels?

Yes, although some rental properties will have these items available you should supply your own.



If you don't see the answer to your question here, please contact us and we will reply as soon as we can.



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