Mojácar Long Term Rentals

“We say what we do and we do what we say”

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Mojácar Long Term Rentals

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We are an established, fully legal company here in Mojácar and we concentrate

solely on long term rentals



             Our service to tenants and prospective tenants




aim to show you as many rental properties that match your criteria as soon as possible.

will help you to get settled into your new home and smoothly as we can.

will point you in the right direction for help and advice about living locally and, generally help you to feel at home here.



             Our service to owners




aim to let your property as soon we can.

can advise you as to the rental market trends locally and the suitability of your villa, apartment or other property style specifically.

will provide monthly statements and balances are paid into your account within five working days of receipt.

provide bi lingual contracts, pre and post rental inspections - all as part of our standard service.

will never forget that it is your property, or incur charges on your behalf without prior consent from you.



In all cases, contact us for more specific information and to arrange property viewings.



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